Llanilltud Church, close to Hide St Donats



We believe that the ancient and sacred site we now call Llanilltud was the cradle of ‘Celtic’ Christianity and that Llanilltud’s story is one of the greatest untold stories in Welsh History. What makes Llanilltud Fawr so special? Many people are amazed by the fact that Llanilltud is the oldest seat of learning in Britain, others may be captivated by the ancient Celtic stones or the beautiful features contained within the church building and its many and various artefacts. However, the one single thing which amazes and inspires me the most is the fact that since Illtud established his community on the banks of the Ogney Brook around the year 500AD there has been unbroken continuity of prayer upon this holy site. Reverend Huw Butler, writing in Pew News, October

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