Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking your holiday with us to stay at hide at St Donats. This is the boring part, but please take a couple of minutes to read through our cancellation policy and terms and conditions as they contain important information that forms part of the contract between you and hide.

Sorry all this is so formal but providing these details prior to your arrival means that you, other hide guests and we all understand our obligations under the holiday contract. This hopefully ensures an enjoyable stay for everybody.

Cancellation policy for all accommodation and Pavilion.

We take a 25% deposit at the time of booking. At this point your holiday is considered confirmed and the following cancellation charges come into effect. You are strongly advised to ensure that you have insurance to cover cancellation or curtailment of your holiday (this includes any Covid 19 related health and travel issues). If you wish to cancel your booking you can do so in writing within 14 days from the date of booking and receive a refund of any deposit paid (unless you are booking less than 90 days prior to arrival). If we do not hear from you within this period, you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions. You may cancel your holiday with ‘hide’ at any time however, the following fee structure will apply:
Number of days before arrival that written notification of cancellation is received.

Payment Time of Booking Refund
25% Deposit More than 90 days and within 14 days of booking* No refund for deposit Exception*
Remaining 75% 90 Days prior to arrival
14 Days of booking within 90 days (no cooling off period)
No Refund
100% Booking Less than 90 days No Refund
100% Premature termination of stay No Refund

* Our 14-day cooling-off period gives you time to read and understand our terms and conditions. Once the 14 days have lapsed you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions. This discretionary cooling-off period applies if you are booking 90 days or more prior to your arrival date. Where the balance of the payment for your holiday has not been paid 90 days prior to the commencement of your holiday, we will send you a reminder. If within 10 days of the reminder being sent the balance is still outstanding, ‘hide’ will be entitled to rescind the agreement, retain the deposit, and then claim against you all losses incurred. In the case of cancellation more than 90 days before the commencement of your stay only the deposit will be forfeited. It is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate insurance.

‘hide’ accommodation – terms and conditions of rental

Terms and Conditions – as stated and agreed when booking and checking in.
The rent of accommodation includes the following, in addition to the facilities stated within the description – rental of accommodation and furnishings, parking, use of water and electric.


All guests need to be above the age of 23 within the Cabans and Bugail Hut. In the Walden Lodge two teenagers with accompanying adults are permitted.


We regret that no pets are allowed on the site – we can get in touch with local kennels if you wish.

Check-in Check-out

Check-in time is between 4.00 pm-8.00 pm on the day of arrival.
Check-out is 10.30 am on your day of departure.
If you arrive too late to be able to complete the check-in procedure with a member of staff, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury that occurs between time of arrival and completion of the check-in procedure. It is your responsibility to view the Introduction Video which explains how to safely operate the wood burner. Contact us using the bell on the Pavilion noticeboard the next morning to complete the check-in procedure.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves may only be used once you have watched the video introduction and signed our disclaimer form.

Operating / lit wood burning stoves are not to be left unattended at any time.

Written wood burner instructions are beside the wood burner.
Please do not use anything other than the wood, fire-lighters and kindling that is provided by hide.


As part of the check-in we will take a pre-authorisation amount of £100 per unit of accommodation.
The pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds on a credit or debit card. It is not a charge and no funds will be debited from your account. However, your bank statement may show the pre-authorisation as a pending transaction, so we recommend that a credit card is used.
The pre-authorisation guarantees that the funds are available to pay for any charges incurred during your stay or loss/damage to your accommodation.


To make everyone’s stay at hide enjoyable, all guests are requested to be considerate of others.
Inappropriate or anti-social behaviour may lead to removal from hide without a refund of the rental sum or any part of it.
Please use the pathway to your accommodation and refrain from walking in front of other guests’ accommodation.


Please respect your fellow guests’ privacy. Guests are not permitted to play amplified music at any time. After 10.00 pm we request that all guests keep noise to a minimum throughout the site.


A. hide can accept no liability for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of your stay.
B. The person who books assumes responsibility for any other guests within his/her party. You and all members of your party are jointly and severally responsible for all loss, damage or injury which may arise, for hide at Donats Ltd. or any third party, as a direct or an indirect consequence of your party’s stay.
C. If your accommodation or equipment is left in a poor condition resulting in additional cleaning, repair or replacement, you may be charged to cover the costs incurred.

Force Majeure

Where any cancellation or change to your booking results from force majeure, our liabilities are limited to offering alternative accommodation (where available) or a full refund. We cannot pay any compensation or meet any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any such cancellation or change. “Force majeure” means any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of hide including, without limitation, an act of God, fire, flood, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war or acts or threat of acts of terrorism.


• It is your responsibility to ensure you and all members of your party are familiar with our terms and conditions.
• It is your responsibility to ensure you and all members of your party are covered by appropriate insurance.
• Although every care is taken in managing the various facilities, such as fire pits and wood burning stoves, hide cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from any misadventure associated with any activity.

Guests of Guests

Paying guests are required to register any non-paying guests with a member of staff. A maximum of two non-paying guests are permitted.
Non-paying guests are not permitted to stay overnight. Non-paying guests may not enter hide without the paying guest being present. It is the responsibility of the paying guest to ensure that any non-paying guests comply with all hide terms and conditions.


All bills must be settled in full before checking out of hide.

Accidents and injuries

If you or any of your party has an accident or suffers any injury at, or in the vicinity of hide, please report this as soon as possible to a member of staff and in any event within 24 hours of the incident.
As well as wanting to check on a member or guest’s well-being, this information is needed in order to help us comply with our health and safety obligations and for insurance purposes.
If items are broken please inform a member of staff as soon as possible. In cases of genuine accident, the item will be replaced as soon as possible. Where items have been broken, damaged or lost the guest would be expected to pay for a replacement.

Illegal drugs/substances/items

No guest shall purchase, use, ingest, possess, sell or otherwise distribute illegal drugs or other substances or item, or attempt to do any of the same from any of hide’s premises or in the immediate vicinity thereof. If any of the actions above prove true, the relevant guest will be removed from hide and we will inform the police or relevant authorities.

Food and beverages

Please refrain from eating in beds. Where damage on blankets and bedding has occurred due to consuming food and drink in beds, replacement or cleaning costs will be the responsibility of the guest. Please ensure that your accommodation is left as you found it when checking out, any extra cleaning will be charge at an hourly rate. If you would like your accommodation to be cleaned during your stay it will cost £30.

Smoking Policy

No smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapes) is allowed inside the accommodation at any time.

Ashtrays can be provided for use outside of your accommodation. PLEASE ASK ON ARRIVAL.
Cigarettes are not to be disposed of in the Wood Burning Stoves. Ashtrays must be emptied when cold into the General Waste.
All guests must abide by hide’s smoking policy and to all applicable no-smoking governmental laws, rules and regulations.
hide reserves the right to prohibit or limit smoking in any area of the accommodation at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.
hide reserves the right to designate certain outside areas of the accommodation premises as smoking areas and to change the location of such areas at any time, however all members and their guests are requested to respect the wishes of other guests with respect to smoking and to refrain from smoking when requested to do so.


Should you find you have any complaint during your stay at hide, please notify us immediately and we will do all we can to rectify the problem. Should you remain unsatisfied please notify us in writing within 7 days of the end of your stay.
Please send all correspondence to: –

Hide at St Donats Ltd
Tresilian Wood
St Donats
Llantwit Major
CF61 1ZB

Phone: 01446 794362